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Value the Voice Parenting Course

Are you longing for clarity and vision in your everyday family life?  Are you passionate about parenting your children well, but unsure of how to navigate each transition?  Do you feel overwhelmed by the continual decisions that parenting throws your way?  Are you wondering how to break out of survival mode and enjoy each moment along the way? 

Jonathan & Amy Claussen will help you navigate one of the greatest jobs you will ever have!

We believe that parenting isn’t about raising independent children; instead, it is all about transferring our children’s dependency from us to the Father.  How is this accomplished?  As our children learn to honor our voice, they are really practicing to honor the Father’s voice. Teaching them to hear the Father’s voice is our greatest parenting priority.

Value the Voice Parenting Course is not only about parenting, but also what it looks like to be parented. Because of this, we encourage you to bring your kids - ages 12 and up! 

The Value the Voice Parenting Course is currently only available through live courses.

You don't want to wait for a course to get started? Check out our videos and blogs for short excerpts of our teaching!

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