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The Ultimate Marriage Vacation

The Ultimate Marriage Vacation is a weekend dedicated to the unveiling of the true heart of the Father for your marriage. 

Enjoy the beautiful surroundings as you and your spouse are saturated with His refreshment from the inside out!

When God created Adam and Woman and presented them to each other, He had such a beautiful picture in His mind for marriage! Is our definition of a 'good' marriage, what He called 'good' in the beginning?

Our culture has been redefining marriage in subtle and not-so-subtle ways, and it is time to redirect our focus back to HIS original plan.

Have a good marriage? Then it is time to match up your good with His!  Think about Eden...  How much more do you think Adam and Woman experienced that we don't even realize is ours to possess?

Struggling in your marriage?  It is time for His perspective to become THE perspective in your home!  The truth truly does set us free!

We will help you find your true identity as a loved child of the Father and your true identity in marriage. The focus will not be on all the things you should or shouldn’t do in marriage, but rather an unveiling of the true heart of the Father for marriage.

Learn more about the 2018 Ultimate Marriage Vacation!

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