The Perfect Parent?

Amy Claussen

Since I started kindergarten, so many of my achievements have been based on how well I could accomplish something measurable and concrete. 

Do I know all the sounds of the alphabet? 

How many multiplication facts can I get correct in one minute?

Can I recite the ten commandments from memory?  

Did I score high enough on my ACT to get into the college of my dreams?  

Can I make a perfect spreadsheet to correctly record my company's finances?   

I know when I have reached my goal; I can study and modify until I am very close to perfection.  Having measurable & attainable goals is reassuring to me.  I really like to make lists and check things off my list.  It makes me very happy! 

The funny thing about parenting is that suddenly the measuring stick I've used since childhood has become a frustration in my home. PERFECTLY -  memorize, organize, & execute... 

These were the worthy pursuits of the student or businesswoman who diligently strived to meet deadlines and quotas, but for the mother and father, they can become a hindrance in the home. PERFECTLY - discipline, do laundry, change diapers... 

This doesn't work quite as well... The tasks in my home and the relationships of my family would be much better served if I made a decision to change my target and really look at where I am aiming each day. 


JOYOUSLY - instruct 

GENEROUSLY - prepare

LOVINGLY - correct

PATIENTLY - serve 

Changing the adverbs that we use as lenses to view our calling as parents make all of the difference in the world.  

I am not called to be the perfect mother

but I am called to be patient, loving, & kind.  I will never execute perfection in my home, but I will set my eyes upon the goal of spreading JOY & LOVE over my family no matter what the day holds!  

Amy Claussen

Senior Leader