Desires of Your Heart

Jonathan Claussen

I went kayaking with my oldest son, Jacob, who at the time was 15 years old. 

This was a two-person kayak and Jacob sat in the front and I was in the back. 

With kayaking, the one who paddles in the front sets the cadence for the one who paddles in the back. This is to obtain a coordinated stroke and so our paddles don't bang into each other. 

I began to ask Jacob what the Lord was stirring in his heart for his future. Interestingly, as he began to share from his heart the cadence of his stroke began to increase. He was sharing the desires of his heart and it was fun to see the excitement that it brought. 

Our Heavenly Father is the creator of all things. 

He is the creator of creativity. 
He is the creator of design, invention, dreams, and visions. 
He cares and is interested about what is on your heart. 

We need to be careful to not have our ear inclined to heaven only to receive marching orders… that is for soldiers, not sons.   

That is noble but it is not nobility.

Psalm 37:4,5 says, "Delight yourself also in the Lord, and he shall give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in him, and he shall bring it to pass."  
Desire means “from the father”. 

I believe this scripture doesn't mean we have desires in our heart and we hope that He blesses it; it means that we have desires in our heart and He birthed it. 

There is often a mentality in the modern Christian church that we can only be truly doing the Lord's work if we are miserable, and family is often an unavoidable casualty. He never promises us that life will be easy, in fact, fire often will only fall on sacrifice.  However, if what you are doing flows out of the desire of your heart, there will be joy. 

What are your dreams and visions? What are the things that make you paddle faster?   

Explore the desires of your heart. I am confident that you will find that the Father himself put them there!

Jonathan Claussen

Senior Leader